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Custom Engagement Rings: Where to Start

All jewelry should be special and meaningful, but engagement rings are a level above other pieces in how they must be personal to that couple. Since it is a tangible symbol of the love in the relationship, it takes time and thought to create the perfect masterpiece. Couples today are choosing to custom design their rings because of this need to have one that reflects what matters to them. Jewelers are responding to this desire by giving them more options than ever.

For Custom Jewelry Fullerton couples can choose from a large array of stunning settings and stones. In order to design unique engagement rings fullerton jewelers have talented experts on staff that can help you to select an existing setting that works well with the colors and size diamond chosen. For those couples who are unhappy with the current options, it is possible to create a setting entirely of your own one of a kind design. A custom-designed setting will be presented first as a 3D rendering, making it possible for the shoppers to change what they are unhappy with or fine tune the design until it perfectly matches the image they have in mind.

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In addition to the setting, there are numerous types of metal to choose from. Gold comes in yellow, pink and Country Club Jewelers-Wedding Jewelry Sets Fullerton white or you can forgo this traditional metal and choose platinum instead. The brightness of platinum is often considered the best way to make a diamond look clear and show off its sparkle. Other options, like sterling silver are available as well. The jeweler can help to explain how each differs in durability and quality to ensure everyone makes an informed choice.

Additional choices include accent stones, alternative main gems, like a birthstone rather than a diamond, and even inscriptions inside the band. An engagement ring design is limited only by your imagination and budget. Luckily, if you choose the right jewelry store in Fullerton CA, your budget will go further and get your final ring as close to giving you the dream one you have always imagined sitting on your finger.

At you can learn more about what is possible with engagement rings as well as any other type of jewelry. They are also happy to help you repair and maintain all of your jewelry, not just the pieces purchased from them. Look over their site and stop by to begin designing the perfect engagement ring for you.

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